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The race starts with the kayaking.

  • Track Length 8 KM
  • River Difficulty - Class III+ (difficult)
  • Track Start coordinates - 42.5956, 44.5494
  • Track Finish coordinates - 42.6286, 44.6141
  • Altitude variety – 1750 – 2200 M
  • Download course in KMZ format.


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General Rules

Only registered, 18+ contestants will be admitted to the competition.
Every contestant must have their own equipment, as follows: helmet, paddle, lifejacket, kayak, spray deck.
It is mandatory to attend the gathering a day before the competition in order to get acquainted with the tracks and go through the rules.
Every contestant is obliged to arrive at the start line before the start.
Kayaking is the first discipline.
There will be a 3 minute handicap between the contestants.
The contestants start the competition after the referee gives them a sign.
The distance between the shore and the start line is 20 meters.
The contestants have to carry their kayaks to the start line, place them into the water, put a spray deck on and start to descend.
The contestants are finished once their kayak reaches the finish line and they cover the distance from the river finish line to the finish arch with a paddle in their hands, where their time is recorded.
In order to deem the tournament finished, the contestants have to carry their kayaks to the finish line.
Falling off the boat or turning over will not be counted as a mistake if the contestants manage to get back into the boats and finish the track.
If a kayaker is unable to cover the distance and cross the finish line, the team has to wait until the last team member crosses the finish line.
Once the last contender reaches the finish line, the team gets a 3-minute referral. After 3 minutes, the referred team can get back to the competition.
The winning team is announced after the results of all four disciplines are in.
The winning kayaker is announced after the kayaking results are in.
The contestants automatically drop out if they do not show up at the start line on time.