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Kayaker hands over to climber. 6 tracks will be prepared at the same time.

  • Track Start coordinates - 42.6301, 44.6118
  • Track Finish coordinates - 42.6306, 44.6129
  • Rock on the left bank of Tergi river
  • Rock difficulty 5b - 5b+
  • The height of Rock is 30 m
  • Download course in KMZ format.


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General rules

Only registered, 18+ contestants will be admitted to the competition.
Every contestant should have their own equipment, as follows: climbing shoes, magnesium bag, helmet.
Climbing type: difficult, with a belayer.
There will be 8 climbing tracks, difficulty levels 5b-5b+, each 25-27 meters high. They will be marked accordingly.
The contestants will have a chance to get acquainted with the tracks a day before the competition.
The kayaker covering the distance first will pass the baton onto the climber; that’s when the climber is allowed to start.
The climber has to cover the track from start to finish (350 meters, steep hill).
The contestants will be secured by safety ropes and the referees will be assigned for their safety.
The contestants have to cover the track as quickly as possible and mark the finish line by pressing the number button on top of the track.
a) If the contestant falls off (all four screw-joints in the air), it will result in their team receiving a 3 minute referral.
b) If the contestant falls off for the second time, the team will be disqualified from the contest and the biker of the same team will start 3 minutes after the last climber of the contest finishes.
Once the contestants finish and the safety referees help them descend, they will have to cover the steep hill from the track to the finish zone (where the bikers start) and pass the baton onto the bikers. That’s when their time is recorded.